Neuro Sports Therapy

1x1 Sessions

Traditional Physical Therapy looks at the movement system only when addressing Physical Health. Our system is much more complex and if we want to achieve a pain free life than we need to also look at other systems such as the vision (eyes) and the vestibular (balance) systems. In chronic pain situations we may even have to look at Sleep, Gut, and Emotional Health since all of these areas influence each other and can have an impact on physical health.

Xpand Health Roadmap

Live Events and Online Courses

Being healthy is a process that needs attention and time. And most important: you need to take it in your own hands. Stop expecting a quick fix from doctors. They can guide you with their specialty in their field but they do not have all the answers and often don't have enough time to learn how multiple systems function together. I don't have all the answers either but I created the science based Xpand Health Roadmap to help and guide you to improve your health.

Corporation - Groups

Tailored to individual Business

A successful business needs their employees to show up and able to work. If your employees know how to stay healthy an understand what they need to bring to the table for their own health then they will be out less with sick days. There is more than just correct lifting and desk ergonomics. Understanding the "why", learning drills to avoid the effects of screen time, and owning their health are some of the key component to success at the workplace and will result in less sick time.

Neuro Sports Performance

1x1 sessions and Group Sessions

Sports specific techniques are important but more and more research show that sports vision training is fundamental for every athlete. Preventing concussions and injuries, improving speed and performance requires a well functioning system - the brain.

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