Core exercises are not your sole answer if you like to improve posture and spinal stability. Your vision (eyes) system and your vestibular (balance) system play a major role. If you have only worked on movement and muscle strength and not worked on these other systems then you have not seen your full potential yet!

Have you tried traditional physical therapy but did not reach the level that you wanted? I see a lot of clients that went through this but either had limited or no success. What is need is a comprehensive evaluation of physical health (including vision and vestibular function) as well as all areas of health.

"He who treats the site of pain is lost." Karel Levit

If you have tried to fix your health challenges (chronic pain, low energy, food intolerance, asthma, etc) but have not improved much or plateaued then it is time to look for the source of your symptoms in other areas of health.

Yes, your back pain can be improved with better gut function, better eye movement, breathing drill and a lot more.

Lack of energy can come form many different sources. A thorough assessment is your best starting point.

If you like to be healthier and happier then you need to address all areas of health not just movement and healthy eating.

Health is the addition of four main areas:

1. Physical Health
2. Sleep Health
3. Nutritional/Gut Health
4. Emotional Health
All four areas need to function independently and together!

The WHO (World Health Organization): Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.




Neuro Sports Therapy

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Xpand Health Roadmap

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Corporation - Groups

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Neuro Sports Performance

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I have been in the health and fitness industry for over 30 years. Noooo, I am not that old yet but I already started coaching when I was 15 years old. Everything in my life as revolved around health, fitness and athletic performance. With degrees and certifications in Education, Psychology, Sports Science, Sports Performance, Sports Therapy, Rehabilitation, and Applied Neuroscience, I get often asked: "Are you done?". My answer is and always will be: "I will never be done, I love science and research will always evolve more to give me plenty of opportunities to learn and to keep my cutting edge knowledge that I then can share to help others!"

Xpand Health is fantastic with what science gives us today but it will grow into something even more awesome tomorrow. Be ensured that I will always try to integrate the newest findings of science.

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Neuro Sports Therapy

1x1 Sessions

Traditional Physical Therapy looks at the movement system only when addressing Physical Health. The human system is much more complex and if you want to achieve a pain free life than you need to look at the whole systems which includes the vision (eyes) and the vestibular (balance) systems. Yes your back may hurt because your eyes are not functioning well enough. In chronic pain situations we may even have to look further at Sleep, Gut, and Emotional Health since all of these areas influence each other and can have an impact on physical health.

Xpand Health Roadmap

Live Events and Online Courses

Being healthy is a process that needs attention and time. It can't be achieved by popping a pill. Stop expecting a quick fix.I created the science based Xpand Health Roadmap to help and guide you to improve your health. Most important: you will lean about health and how to take your health in your own hands.  

Corporation - Groups

Tailored to individual businesses and organizations

Xpand Health offers science based educational classes tailored to your business' needs including but not limited to:

  • Health -how to own it
  • Posture, desk ergonomics, active breaks
  • Coaches training: injury prevention, sports vision, speed, endurance, strength and mobility, recovery


Neuro Sports Performance

1x1 sessions and Group Sessions

Sports specific techniques are important but more and more research show that sports vision training is fundamental for every athlete. Preventing concussions and injuries, improving speed and performance requires a well functioning system - the brain.


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