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Upcoming Camps 2017

    Sports Vision Training for Teens Age 13-17


    Your eyes and your brain are the keys to unlock your sports performance skills.

The Camp will be Monday through Friday for two hours every day

1. Camp Week: 7/24-7/28 1pm-3pm

2. Camp Week: 7/31-8/4 10am-12pm

3. Camp Week: 8/14-8/18 10am-12pm

Sign up and reserve your spot at:

    Sports Vision Training is important for any athlete.

    Sports vision training works on improving the visual abilities of an athlete that are most necessary for excellence in their sport, prevent injuries, and improve brain function.

    An athlete needs to have:

    • excellent Visual Resolution: " Can the athlete see the object clearly when still and in motion?"

    • excellent Depth Judgement: "Can the athlete tell where the target is in relationship to everything else?"

    • excellent Eye Movement: "Can the athlete follow a target and shift between targets while still seeing them clearly?"

    • excellent Peripheral Vision: "How much and how well can the athlete see what he/she is not looking at?"

    Key Components of the Camp:

    1. Every athlete will assess their visual resolution, depth judgment, eye movement and peripheral vision.
    2. We will train the brain by performing a variety of drills for eye-hand coordination, dynamic visual acuity, visual reaction time, binocular vision, peripheral vision and more.
    3. We will utilize a variety of equipment such as Fitlights (used by a lot of professional athletes and Strobe Glasses
    4. The students will find out which area they need the most improvement in and will get drills for further training at home.

    There is a minimum of 5 students required to hold the camp.

    Space is limited to maximum 14 students to ensure quality.

    Camp Fee: $285 per week (+processing fee)

    Sign up and reserve your spot at:

    See how much fun it is to work with Fitlights:

Please contact Heike Fallon at 310.546.3633 for more information.

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