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XPAND HEALTH is dedicated to provide cutting edge knowledge in prevention, rehabilitation and performance. Through intensive neurological assessments, progressive programs and education, patients and clients regain and maintain their health as well as enhance any sport specific or fitness/wellness goals that they may have.

Heike Fallon has been working in the industry for decades and knows that it is all about training the brain.
Their approach is based on Z-Health which is a concept based on the newest research in Neuroscience.

This system is based on the concept that the end result of every form of training is a reflection of whether or not we have improved brain function. While you may not know it at this point, everything you experience in your body from pain to high-performance is a direct result of how your brain is functioning. In the model below, the athlete's brain sits at the center of all of our physical and mental attributes. Our goal as coaches in this system is to determine on a day-to-day (and even moment-to-moment) basis which of these attributes our athletes need in order to improve brain function.

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